Software contracting & Technical consulting

Welcome to Lambda Cambridge.

I offer software contracting and technical consulting services.

I am especially proficient in Javascript, Java, C#, Python and Ruby, but have completed projects in pretty much every modern commercial language as well as many academic ones.

I can also offer technical consulting, where I can help your developers with design and architecture, either on a one-off or recurring basis.


"Robin was a great addition to the team, helping us improve software practices, giving helpful strategic insights and leading on the development of a key new feature."

Blaise Thompson, CEO of Bitfount, a platform for distributed data science

"I asked Robin to spend a week reviewing a React/Redux prototype application in January 2018. We wanted a second pair of eyes to look at it because it had fairly complex state requirements and was built while we were learning Redux.

Robin was very quick to get up to speed with the code structure and overall architecture. He identified the key areas of complexity, and we had a number of exploratory meetings during the week to go through other potential approaches and areas of development. Robin wrote a report with his key findings and delivered it on the Friday. It was reassuring that Robin gave positive feedback on our overall approach. He had some solid constructive suggestions for improving the testing of the codebase as well as some pointers on styling libraries that we might benefit from. We've implemented some of these ideas in a new product which we are releasing shortly.

I'd have no hesitation using Robin for similar work in the future & would recommend him highly!"

Joe Parry, CEO of Cambridge Intelligence, who build data visualisation tools

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Lambda Cambridge is directed by Robin Message.

Robin has a PhD in computer science from the University of Cambridge and has worked on a variety of commercial projects over the past 15 years, both as a developer and as a manager.